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Welcome to our Case Studies page, where we proudly showcase the success stories and transformative experiences that Best Playground Markings has brought to playgrounds across the country.

Each project represents a unique collaboration with our valued clients and demonstrates the exceptional quality and impact of our playground markings installations.

St Christophers Primary School – Birmingham

St Christophers Primary School sought to revitalise their ageing playground, which lacked engaging and educational features.

They wanted a solution that would promote physical activity, encourage learning, and enhance the overall appeal of the space.

Working closely with the school administration, our team conducted a comprehensive assessment of the existing playground and collaborated on a custom design.

We introduced a range of playground markings, including an alphabet grid, number hopscotch, and a mini football court.

These markings not only created opportunities for learning and physical development but also added vibrant colours and visual appeal to the area.

The installation of our playground markings at St Christophers Primary School breathed new life into their play space. Children now eagerly explore the alphabet grid, enhancing their literacy skills while engaging in active play.

The number hopscotch promotes numeracy development, and the mini football court has become a hub for friendly matches during recess.

The school community, teachers, and parents have praised the transformation, noting improved student engagement and the positive impact on overall school spirit.

Happy Trails Park – London

Happy Trails Park, a community playground, aimed to create an inclusive and imaginative play environment that would cater to children of all abilities.

They desired a design that would encourage social interaction, stimulate creativity, and accommodate children with disabilities.

Collaborating closely with the park committee, Best Playground Markings developed a customised solution to meet their objectives.

We incorporated a variety of sensory markings, including raised textures and tactile paths, to provide a stimulating experience for children with sensory needs.

Additionally, we introduced imaginative play scenes like a pirate island and a nature trail, creating opportunities for children to engage in cooperative and imaginative play.

The transformation of Happy Trails Park has had a profound impact on the community.

Children of all abilities now have equal opportunities to play and explore. The inclusive playground markings have fostered social interaction and promoted a sense of belonging among children.

The sensory elements have been particularly appreciated by families with children who have sensory sensitivities, enhancing their overall park experience.

The park has become a vibrant and inclusive gathering space that embodies the values of community, play, and accessibility.

St Helens School – Surrey

St Helens School sought to promote physical fitness and encourage healthy lifestyles among their students.

They wanted to transform their plain asphalt playground into an engaging and dynamic space that would inspire children to be active.

Understanding the school’s vision, we designed and installed a comprehensive set of fitness-oriented playground markings.

This included a running track, jumping grids, balance beams, and a variety of exercise stations.

These markings were strategically placed to encourage different forms of physical activity and promote the development of motor skills, balance, and coordination.

The impact of the fitness-focused playground markings at St Helens School has been remarkable.

Students are now enthusiastically participating in various physical activities during recess and breaks.

The running track has become a favourite spot for friendly races and relay games, fostering a sense of friendly competition and healthy sportsmanship.

Teachers have reported increased focus and improved classroom behavior following active play sessions.

The school has truly embraced the culture of fitness, inspiring students to adopt healthy habits that will benefit them throughout their lives.

These case studies represent just a snapshot of the many successful projects we have undertaken. At Best Playground Markings, we are passionate about creating playgrounds that inspire, educate, and bring joy to children.

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